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Laser Therapy to Stop…Quit Smoking, Lose…Weight Loss, Kick…End Drug and Alcohol Addictions, Relieve Anxiety – Stress – Insomnia – Depression and much more

Corporate Head Office Canada

Suite 214 – 1676 Martin Drive, White Rock BC V4A-6E7 1.866.538.2106

Corporate Head Office US

Suite 300 – 4730 South Fort Apache Rd. Las Vegas Nevada 89147 1.866.538.2106

Growing Globally to serve you – now in Canada…Coast to Coast to Coast

Please contact the location nearest you for appointments, pricing and services.

Imagine Laserworks in Canada

British Columbia





New Brunswick

North West Territories


Imagine Laserworks in the US




New Jersey


 Imagine Laserworks in other parts of the World

Middle East



“The world’s #1 method to quit smoking”

Imagine Laserworks helps you stop smoking, lose weight,

end addictions eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia,

pain and a whole lot more.

With the combination of  21st Century Technology and Laser Acupuncture freedom is just around the corner.

Imagine Laserworks – When nothing else does – Natural Health – International Locations

Imagine Laserworks in each location

Gary and Rosalind – this is how it’s done in each location

Low Level Laser Therapy