Nephritis is an inflammation of the kidney. Symptoms may include red blood cells in the urine leading to discoloration (cola or iced tea colored); foamy urine; high blood pressure; edema leading to puffy face, hands, feet and abdomen; fatigue; and less frequent urination.

Laser therapy using acupuncture points can help smooth the blood pathways by eliminating blood clots, wastes accumulation and inflammation. Improved blood circulation can provide the kidneys with enough oxygen, blood and other nutritions so that damaged renal tissues can be repaired by kidneys themselves. As long as the kidneys can function well, all the symptoms such as high blood pressure, nausea and vomiting can be relieved.

Laser therapy is a natural remedy and can provide immediate results.


Nephritis can be caused by infection or autoimmune disorders such as lupus.


Nephritis is a serious medical condition that can result in several life-threatening conditions such as blood clots leading to sudden stroke.

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