Hi Bill,

Thank you for helping me with the laser treatments. I’ve felt an overwhelming difference in my state of mind since the first laser treatment 5 weeks ago. I was impressed to see how fast the changes took place in me. I honestly went into it a little bit skeptical knowing how long I had been addicted for. Even though gaming addictions are so common, not so many people can admit that they have one. Mine was ruining my life in a hurry. I have the time and energy now to accomplish so much more and I can say no to things that hold me back. I would encourage any one who has a video game addiction in any area of gaming to give the laser therapy a try. Just imagine what your life would look like if you weren’t wasting 5-8 hours every day on games. What would you be able to do? Would you be able to love more deeply? Think of the money you’d save as well. I was spending thousands of dollars on meaningless games that I eventually hated playing. I was getting lost and mad in a fantasy world instead of living life. Do the laser and change your look on life. I highly advise it.

Thank you for all your help Bill.

Moncton – Gambling Addiction

Hi Tonda and Dr. Chin! This is Lori and Stephen writing to you to thank you so very much. I have tried everything from patches to e-cigarette’s to Champix (3 times). We heard about the laser therapy and tried it. We literally left the office non-smokers. We have had zero cravings, zero anxiety, it seems like it’s not even part of my way of thinking it’s been that easy. I will say that the only side effect I have personally experienced is insomnia which apparently can happen with the nicotine and toxins leaving the body. I discussed with my doctor and he gave me something to get over the hump. I would rather have a tablet to get me to sleep that put one more cigarette to my mouth. I would love my testimonials to go on the website if possible
Coquitlam, Lori
Hi Stephanie and Robert, Well next Tuesday it will be 8 weeks, and it has been the best, easiest, way for me to quit! No cravings, no mood swings, a little weight gain, which I so needed….. I would like one booster before Tuesday the 16th of April, just to make sure! I have recommended you, and others from work….I so hope they can have the success I have had. Although our contact has been limited, you are a Godsend to me and I Thank You from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, Cherye I must say I haven’t felt this good in a long time, quite amazing. Not any cravings that are not manageable. This is the first smoke free day in 10 yrs! Thank you so much again
Lethbridge, Cherye K
I had been addicted to smoking for over 40 years. During that time I have tried unsuccessfully to quit by using nicotine patches, nicotine gum and various prescribed medication, even hypnosis. None of these methods worked for me. When I heard of Laser Therapy I was skeptical of it’s success.
How wrong I was! Since taking Laser Therapy I have been smoke free and I don’t want to smoke.It is truly amazing what Imagine Laserworks has done for me. I don’t believe there is anyone out their who could be more strongly addicted to cigarettes than I was. I smoked between 2-3 packs a day for 40 years. Try Imagine Laserworks, you’ll be glad you did.
Ray A., Smoking Addiction
My husband and I came in for treatment of our nicotine addiction 3 weeks ago today. Neither of us has smoked since. Together we had smoked 72 years.
This has been successful and we are both very pleased. I was skeptical of the benefits of the treatment and almost panicky at the thought of not having my smokes. I walked out after the treatment feeling relaxed and not the least bit worried about non-smoking. I did not feel deprived or anxious.I sometimes think about a cigarette but the thought is easily banished and I am now going for days without it crossing my mind.
R & J L., Smoking Addiction
Hi Guys. Mike and I are doing great. 21 days as non smokers and totally amazed at how easy it was. I cant believe that the other day I smelt the fresh air for the first time in 48 years. No longer do I feel like I smell like an ashtray, food taste great and I no longer have to stand outside in the cold to get my fix. How do we ever thank you for our new found freedom. We are truly telling all our smoking friends that this is the way to go. Thanks again Mike and Lynne
Lynne and Mike, Smoking Addiction

I was amazed at how easy it was to stop smoking with Imagine Laserworks. I smoked for seven years and tried quitting every other way with bad results. I now recommend Laser because it works to every smoker I meet. Thank you for your help.

– Sharon

I just want to say THANK YOU. Because of my treatment in May 2009, I can say I am a non smoker. I smoked for 45 years and after one treatment I quit with no cravings and no missing that cigarette. I am in New Brunswick and when I tell people about this, they all say I wish I could quit. God Bless You All…and keep up the good work…

I have been smoking for 45 years, two packs a day part of that. I have tried to quit several times to stop smoking and have quit for up to 8 months, none of them easy. With laser therapy it was no problem.
Jim G.
I didn’t expect the laser therapy to work for me- it sounded way too easy. I’d known about it for four years before I decided to try it. And it worked! It’s been over a year and I’ll never smoke again!!
“I am 86 years old and have smoked for seventy years. I called the clinic for an appointment.”
“I have not smoked a cigarette since July 4 2000 and have no desire for tobacco in any form.”“I am grateful to the clinic for their help in ridding me of a life-long bad habit.””
To be able to quit smoking with no withdrawal symptoms or cravings is wonderful, thanks to using laser therapy at Imagine Laserworks. I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to quit smoking because it really works. Thanks
I have experienced more vigor in the mornings although I usually go to bed by 9 pm unless there is someone visiting. The water intake has been a great boost to my well being, as it energizes me due to assisting against dehydration.

I recommend your method to anyone who really wants to quit. I thank you for your help and expertise in getting me to my goal- a non-smoker.

– Lee Ann

I found laser to be a painless way to quit smoking. After a 44 year smoking habit, the laser therapy took away the need to smoke completely.

– G.

I smoked for 40 years. Every time I tried to quit smoking I almost went crazy. When I left the clinic I was a non-smoker! It was that simple and easy.

– Lisa H.

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