ZYBAN – While the media bashes Vitamin A and Kava we wonder how long this story was kept “under wraps”.

Long enough for 19 Canadians to die. Medical Association warns consumers about Zyban – The Canadian Medical Association Jounal states that a widely-prescribed anti-depressant and anti-smoking drug has potentially deadly side effects.

Zyban, also marketed as Wellbutrin, is manufactured by drug comapny GlaxoSmithKline. It has beeen prescribed to about 2 million people since 1998, and there have been problems associated with the drug, including 19 deaths in Canada. Last July, GlaxoSmithKline issued a warning to doctors about potentially serious side effects associated with the drugs, including seizures and convulsions.

Heath Canada re-issued the warning in September “people on the medication (Zyban) need to have their risk profile assessed before it’s prescribed and they need to be monitored”.”Smokers with seizure disorders, eating disorders or drug and alcohol addictions are especially susceptible.

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