Smokers at the Calgary International Airport were out in the cold after a terminal wide ban came into effect on Sunday April 1, 2007.

Some travelers struggled with the changes that required them to travel to the far ends of the building and across the road to light up.

“You stick out like a sore thumb”, said Percy Powers, who was off to Cape Breton.

Powers pulled out a cigarette as he found refuge from the snow in one of the outdoor glass shelters constructed for smokers near the parking lot. “I’ve been smoking for 26 years. what do you want me to do, just quit? I have tried”.

Meanwhile airport worker Greg Quinn, who is trying to quit smoking, said the frequent audio and visual reminders of the changes was the worst thing, rekindling in him what he was missing.

Pleased with the change was Meghan Reid, who works at the terminal’s Montana’s restaurant.

“You walk in and it doesn’t smell like smoke anymore, so that’s always good,” she said, adding the restaurant’s bar is now non-smoking as well.

Seven outdoor shelters will cater for those needing their fix, while the Calgary Airport Authority has converted the former smoking areas into waiting areas.


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