Although our head office is in Canada, we are opening centres globally; including right here in Memphis. We are positioned as a world leader in E-Stim wellness solutions and provide a variety of service options. Our programs assist clients in taking control of their health and wellness goals.

Imagine Laserworks programs and techniques assist our clients with a wide array of circumstances and conditions; these include but are not limited to; smoking cessation, substance use disorders, weight management, menopausal symptom control, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental acuity and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression, amongst others.

The technology we use is safe, non-invasive and meets all the appropriate health regulations. We are careful to take guidance from the appropriate governing health organizations, such as the FDA and/or Health Canada. The devices we use either calm or stimulate trigger points in the body, depending on what is required for your needs. The result is that our protocols interact with the body’s nervous system and help guide it through the process of self-healing.

Key points of differentiation for Imagine Laserworks include the fact we do not use needles, drugs or any other form of invasive technology and we leverage the knowledge gained from over 30 locations. Additionally, there are no known negative side effects from our services. Individual protocols do vary in duration, but initial sessions typically require less than an hour, with follow-ups less than a 1/2 hour. Initial results are typically evident the same day.

In order to monitor progress, track success rates, and continually improve our techniques, we use a proprietary, custom designed software platform. The result is the Imagine Laserworks CID client services analytics application.

Each of our locations is independently owned and operated by Imagine Laserworks trained and certified professional team members.

Sonja Redding is your local Memphis owner / team lead – you are in excellent hands!