Alica and Erwin Prasad are the Owner / Operators of the Imagine Laserworks Franchise Territory of Burnaby and New Westminster. As a team they bring extensive business, client service and wellness industry experience, making them excellent representatives for the area. Alica and Erwin are highly committed professionals, providing personalized care to their communities in an effort to ensure the help needed is the help available.

Imagine Laserworks is a global organization, leveraging current technologies to interact with key trigger points in the body’s nervous system, as defined by traditional acupuncture and/or acupressure protocols; these trigger points are primarily located on the ears, nose, cranium and hands (fingers, palm and wrist).

Where traditional acupuncture services require the use of needles, we use finely tuned electronic and/or photonic (laser / light) devices to either stimulate or calm the body’s trigger points as needed, essentially guiding the body through the process of self-healing.

By interacting with these trigger points, we assist the body to control its own dependencies, deficiencies and imbalances; the result is often a warm, tingling or pulsating sensation, as a precursor to the health benefits you will receive.

Initial sessions typically take an hour or less to complete and follow-ups are usually no more than a half hour, if they are even required. The programs and techniques that have been implemented assist our clients in dealing with a wide array of circumstances and conditions, including but not limited to; smoking cessation, substance use disorders, weight management, menopausal symptom control, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental acuity and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression, amongst others.

Our protocols are drug-free, pain-free, highly effective and typically show some form of near immediate result. We do not intend, nor recommend, that our protocols be used to replace other medical attention, rather they be used in conjunction with it and in consultation with your doctor where appropriate.

Each of our locations are independently owned and operated by company trained and certified Imagine Laserworks Professionals.

You are in excellent hands!