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With our head office in Canada and wellness centres opening globally, Imagine Laserworks has positioned itself as the world leader in E-Stim wellness solutions. We provide a variety of options designed to assist our clients in taking control of their health and to press forward in meeting their wellness goals.

The programs and techniques that have been implemented assist our clients in dealing with a wide array of circumstances and conditions, including but not limited to; smoking cessation, substance use disorders, weight management, menopausal symptom control, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental acuity and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression, amongst others.

The technology employed by Imagine Laserworks is safe and non-invasive and will always meet the appropriate required governmental health regulations; for instance Health Canada or the FDA in the United States. The devices are used to either calm or stimulate trigger points in the body, depending on what is required for your needs and the protocols are designed to interact with the body’s nervous system to help guide the body through the process of self-healing.

One of the key areas that helps separate Imagine Laserworks from other methods is that we do not use needles, drugs, or any other form of more invasive methodologies. Our protocols vary in duration; however, most initial sessions take less than an hour, with follow-ups taking less than a half hour and with results typically becoming evident the same day.

We have also implemented a proprietary, custom designed software platform allowing us to monitor progress, track success rates and to continually improve our techniques.

Each of our locations are independently owned and operated by company trained and certified Imagine Laserworks Professionals.

Your franchise owner / operator in Abbotsford is not only a committed Imagine Laserworks Practitioner, but is also a longstanding member of the local medical community. As a working Registered Nurse she understands, only too well, what is at stake when working with you to help address whatever needs you may have.

You will be in the best of care.