Kidney stones are small, hard deposits of minerals and acid salts that form inside the kidney, often causing intense pain. The pain typically starts in the back or side just below the ribcage and moves downward to the lower abdomen or groin. Symptoms of kidney stones may include pain in the back and side below the ribs, pain that spreads to the lower abdomen or groin, pain with urination, blood-tinged urine, nausea and vomiting, a persistent urge to urinate, and fever and chills if there is an infection.

Low level leaser is a suitable form of treatment for small stones. Laser therapy can be performed during bouts of pain and also during pain-free periods to help move the stone.
When pain is intense, laser therapy can be applied to points that influence the urinary tract, and to points near the location of the pain.
Laser therapy may also be used to strengthen the kidneys and improve urination.


Kidney stones may be formed when urine becomes concentrated, thus allowing the formation of crystals. Inadequate fluid intake may therefore be one cause of kidney stones.

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