Dermatitis is a general term that describes inflammation of the skin presenting as a rash with swelling, dryness and itching.

Hives are swollen red bumps, patches or welts on the skin that appear suddenly. Itching is the most common symptom, although some people report a stinging or burning sensation. Hives can occur anywhere on the body, including the hands, face, lips, tongue, throat or ears.

Hives are a sign that the whole body is experiencing a hyper-sensitivity or allergic reaction and an outbreak can occur due to a wide array of stimuli. While intolerance to certain foods, additives, intense emotions, sunlight exposure, and medications are causes, in the majority of outbreaks (70-75 percent), the exact cause  remains unknown.

Hives can last for just a few minutes, a few hours, or they can persist for several weeks. Hives are rarely a medical emergency, but in some cases they can be accompanied by shock and difficulty breathing, which can be life threatening. Treatment  is directed toward relieving the unpleasant symptoms, primarily itching.


There are many causes of hives including foods, allergies, genetic factors, physical and mental stressors, drugs, infections, and diseases. Oddly enough, even though there are many potential causes, in the majority of cases of hives, the cause is unknown.

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