End Drug and/or Alcohol Addiction Now!

Let’s face it. Substance abuse is not exactly anyone’s favorite dinner conversation, but there is one place where you cannot only talk about addiction, but also be offered help to overcome it: Imagine Laserworks.

Our solution: Low Level Laser Therapy during customized treatments for each of our clients. Alcohol and drug addictions respond well to our Low Level Laser Therapy and cravings are low to nonexistent.

We can help you overcome your addictions, as we did it for many others. There is another side to life that is possible after you put substance addiction behind you. We are committed to getting you there.

A bit of background information

People don’t choose to become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. They become emotionally stunted at some point in their life and start relying on drugs and alcohol to escape reality and get to that temporary state of “feeling good.”

Unfortunately, alcohol and drug addictions have serious and long-term deleterious effects on health, relationships and self-esteem.

Addiction is the only affection where the brain is telling the body that the addiction does not exist. That is what psychologists call state of denial.

Drug and/or alcohol addiction cannot be counteracted by will power alone once established. Most if not all people suffering from addiction want to quit, but they feel trapped. And for a reason: addiction centres in the brain require the “feel good” substances and there is nothing you can do by yourself to fight that urge.

Learn more about drug and alcohol addiction. (Additional information pages can be provided here with some extra details for those interested in learning more, patients and families. For example: links to people success stories, studies and articles that discuss addiction and relapse, additional how to ideas that can be tried at home, as opposed to in a clinic, etc)

While every person pathway to freedom is different and recovery time varies, Imagine Laserworks practitioners are ready to work with you as soon as you are ready to start.

Important to remember: You will never be alone during your challenge to overcome addiction at any point.

Goals we will help you achieve:

  • Eliminating the physical need for drugs and/or alcohol and relieve physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Detoxifying and repairing the body as it heals
  • Developing skills that will help you deal with stress and anxiety without the use of drugs or alcohol
  • Helping you find ways to change and avoid the environment associated with addiction and avoid the people that enable and encourage you to maintain alcohol and/or drug use

The challenge we will help you through:

  • Opioids (like Heroin)
  • Prescription drugs (sedatives, hypnotics, or anxiolytics like sleeping pills and tranquilizers)
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabis (marijuana)
  • Amphetamines (like methamphetamine’s, known as meth)
  • Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants
  • Phencyclidine  (known as PCP or Angel dust)
  • Other unspecified substances
  • Staying committed to overcoming your drug and/or alcohol addiction by refraining from using any substances that maintain your self-destructive habit.

Imagine Laserworks will help you address this challenge by teaching you positive lifestyle changes and providing treatment involving Low Level Laser Therapy. We will provide safe nutritional supplements that will detoxify and repair the damage caused by substance abuse. Our supplements will also help you relax and ensure you get a restful sleep, which in turn will help you achieve clearer focus and improve your well-being progressively.

The Imagine Laserworks protocol:

  • We will eliminate your physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms by using Low Laser Therapy on specific energy points (acupuncture) on ears, fingers, wrists and feet
  • We will detoxify and repair your body using nutritional supplements, herbs and exercise to help you develop new lifestyle routines that will keep you on track. This is known as behavior modification.
  • Initial daily sessions will provide guidance during the first steps towards recovery. Sessions will be scheduled further apart as you make progress and adjust to your lifestyle routines

Important to Remember: We will stay committed to your success every step of the way but overcoming drug and alcohol addictions successfully requires dedicated team effort: yours, your support network, and ours, the Imagine Laserworks technicians.

What happens during a Laser Treatment Therapy Session?

The Low Level Laser (also called Soft Laser) focuses on 40 specific energy points on ears, hands and feet. The process triggers the release of natural “feel good” chemicals called endorphins that will help you stay calm and relaxed without the use of sedation.

Through repeated sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes, you will notice that physical dependence on the abusive substance will be relieved and symptoms such as cravings, cramps, vomiting, restlessness, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue will be greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

Imagine Laserworks does not provide a quick fix to a chronic problem such as drug and/or alcohol addiction, but our therapy helps relieve symptoms of withdrawal, while restoring the body’s energy levels and internal functions to their balanced state.

Following our established treatment protocol, our clients often report:

  • Reduced stress and increased ability to relax
  • Absence of depression
  • Less aggressive or no withdrawal symptoms
  • Fewer cravings
  • Better sleep quality, less fatigue and higher energy levels
  • Improved appetite and bowel function
  • Clearer focus and increased sense of purpose
  • Renewed interest in pursuing social activities such as exploring the outdoors, reading and conversations
  • Feeling empowered
  • Many people have been successful in overcoming drug and/or alcohol addiction and preventing relapse
  • You will be provided with therapy that has been proven successful in helping people struggling with addiction heal and stay committed to a new healthy lifestyle
  • You can do it, we can help you!

Important to remember:

  • Many people have been successful in overcoming drug and/or alcohol addiction and preventing relapse
  • You will be provided with therapy that has been proven successful in helping people struggling with addiction heal and stay committed to a new healthy lifestyle
  • You can do it, we can help you!

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