laser acupunctureAs the old adage goes “Pain is the way your body tells you something is wrong”. Our brain sends us these messages and it’s our nature as humans to find out where it’s coming from and why. For over three thousand years, Chinese traditionalists have found ways to reduce pain using Acupuncture as an alternative form of medicine, derived from the latin word “acus” meaning needle and “punctura” meaning to puncture. Here little needles are inserted into your skin. This method has been carried on well into the 21st century.

Acupuncture is commonly used to reduce pain and solve many other issues that modern medicine cannot solve, this procedure is usually the preferred procedure for effective treatment of painful conditions such as, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and chronic headache, unexplained pain and even goes as far as helping people quit smoking. By stimulating specific points along these pathways Acupuncture can be used to produce the physiological changes necessary to restore balance and affect a healing response.

In the early 60’s scientists came up with alternative means to traditional hot needle acupuncture and hence the creation of Laser Acupuncture; also known as “cold laser”, this uses low energy laser beams instead of needles and utilities exactly the same principles and laws as Traditional Acupuncture, but without inserting needles into your skin.Acupuncture spots

Practitioners in this field have discovered that perhaps the greatest advantage of laser acupuncture is that it’s completely painless.

  • This procedure is safe and has had little to no side-effects reported.
  • It is Aseptic; because you are not breaking the skin, there is zero risk of infection.
  • Laser acupuncture is believed to have accelerated healing attributes to wounds compared to traditional acupuncture.

Imagine Laserworks practitioners have an in-depth knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and have been able to use this knowledge towards laser acupuncture. With this in mind patients feel safer and relaxed, knowing that they are going to undergo painless session.

Laser acupuncture is an excellent way to provide effective treatment without needle. So if you have been looking for an alternative means to reduce pain without an invasive surgery, look no further, and come talk to our Certified Laser Technicians at Imagine Laserworks. We will help reach your goals quickly and safely.