Over the years a lot has changed, it would come as a shock to realize that just decades ago people were allowed to smoke on planes, public transportation and other public places, Don Draper (Mad Men) can attest to that. Scientists and environmentalists then discovered that people inhaling second hand smoke are likely to suffer the same fate as the person smoking.

Though there have been bans and restrictions on public smoking over the years, to create a safer environment for humans. What about your pets? Recent studies have shown that your second hand smoke also affects your house pets just as it would affect a human, when they inhale your second hand smoke in the air or even the third hand smoke left on their skin or fur after the air is cleared, it is still likely to cause irreversible damage to their nervous system.

Second hand and third hand smoke is likely to affect your pet’s lungs after a short amount of time, and since their lungs are virtually identical to human lungs, but with less reserve it’s harder for them to cope and this could kill them in just one year.

Cats are meticulous groomers, meaning they self-clean with their tongues and in doing so swallow other residues left on their fur and skin exposing them to hazardous amounts of toxicity. When cats inhale your toxic smoke overtime they tend to develop an asthma, which leads to coughing and bad breathing. They are also subject to tobacco poisoning from swallowing cigarette butts lying around.

No one wants to live in a world without cats. Heck, who would we play and chase the yarn with? To help you get an idea of what your cats think here is a cute video:

Having knowledge about the risks of smoking does not automatically lead to a change in behaviour, as you well know. Trying to quit smoking is a gradual process; all you need is the motivation from your family, friends and the full support of a well accomplished health care centre to guide you through creating a healthier lifestyle for you and everyone around you.

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