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* Meet The Imagine Laserworks Team for Ottawa West *

Your Ottawa West Team is made up of Debbie Abfalter, Carol Anne Meehan and Marie-Claude Bastien. Debbie and Marie-Claude both represent living proof of the effectiveness of the services and Carol Anne, seeing the success her friends experienced, became a true believer herself. Let the team help you quit smoking, manage your weight, improve your mental health or simply improve your everyday life.

The Local Team’s History

Debbie, Carol Anne and Marie-Claude have opened the 613 Laserworks Wellness Center, powered by Imagine Laserworks and driven by the wide array of services that partnership offers.

Both Debbie and Marie-Claude have quit smoking and drinking using laser and/or bio-electric stimulation services, while Carol Anne quit drinking the old-fashioned way (will-power and struggle) and wishes she was aware of the programs and their ability to help ease the process when she was quitting.

Besides their personal history with the programs and services, the Ottawa West Team also offers a strong set of directly related professional experience and expertise:

Debbie has been in business since 2007 in the Seniors Community in Ottawa, volunteering and fundraising for seniors who suffer from Elder Abuse, with help from Diesel, her Therapy and Companionship Dog.  Diesel works with seniors afflicted with Alzheimer’s and Dementia and all the money he makes is donated back to the Community. Debbie is a motorcycle enthusiast, who enjoys the open air and open road and has been riding for over 15 years.  She is a self-described army brat with 2 grown children of her own, who has been fortunate to travel extensively, giving her a more global perspective to leverage when working with clients.

Marie-Claude (MC) has dedicated her life to helping others; an addictions counsellor by trade, she has also dedicated 18 years as an Emergency 911 Dispatcher for Paramedics and other front-line workers. MC later worked as a coach and peer supporter and has assisted many families, including refugees, settle and find affordable housing and assistance with other needs such as food security. Using bio-electric stimulation, MC has been alcohol free since April 2021. No longer a skeptic, MC was highly motivated to help bring Imagine Laserworks to Ottawa.

Carol Anne has spent over 40 years in Broadcast Media, working as a journalist and/or host in both television and radio and most recently she served Ottawa as a City Councillor. Over time Carol Anne has met several people who have used Imagine Laserworks to help improve their lives, by stepping past their addictive behaviours. She is committed to leveraging her medai and community knowledge to get the message out that Imagine Laserworks is here to help, whether that is to quite smoking, drug and alcohol use, weight management, or mental stress of some form.

Now that you’ve met the Ottawa West Team virtually, make an appointment and come meet them in person!


Imagine Laserworks – Going Global, but Always Canadian

In addition to the local team, Imagine Laserworks offers the strength of a Canadian head office and a network of wellness centres opening globally; Imagine Laserworks has positioned itself as the world leader in E-Stim and Photonic wellness solutions. We provide a variety of options designed to assist our clients in taking control of their health and to press forward in meeting their wellness goals.

The programs and techniques that have been implemented assist our clients in dealing with a wide array of circumstances and conditions, including but not limited to; smoking cessation, substance use disorders, weight management, menopausal symptom control, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental acuity and memory issues, as well as anxiety and depression, amongst others.

The technology employed by Imagine Laserworks is safe and non-invasive and will always meet the appropriate required governmental health regulations, for instance Health Canada or the FDA in the United States. The devices are used to either calm or stimulate trigger points in the body, depending on what is required for your needs. The protocols are designed to interact with the body’s nervous system to help guide the body through the process of self-healing.

One of the key areas that helps separate Imagine Laserworks from other methods is that we do not use needles, drugs, or any other form of invasive methodology. Our protocols vary in duration; however, most initial sessions take less than an hour, with follow-ups (when needed) taking less than a half hour and results typically becoming evident the same day.

We have also implemented a proprietary, custom designed software platform allowing us to monitor progress, track success rates and to continually improve our techniques.

Each of our locations is independently owned and operated by company trained and certified Imagine Laserworks Professionals.

You are in excellent hands!