The StressStress in our modern lives is far reaching negative effects that we can’t always discern. It can be expressed in many ways and come from many causes. To some extent, stress may weak our emotions, cause anxiety panic attacks, insomnia and depression. It can also have an enormous impact on our physical being, causing tension pain, fatigue and a decreased immune system. In the traditional Chinese medicine, the cause of stress is believed that “qi” – the flow of energy is blocked or disrupted at certain points in the body. At Imagine Laserworks, the primary concern is to regulating our patients’ life force and body energy.

How Does Laser Acupuncture Relieve Stress?

Are you afraid of needles? Here is the laser acupuncture for you. At Imagine Laserworks, modern laser acupuncture is used to help our patients break the stress cycle, giving them the strength to re-balance and protect themselves. Asian laser acupunctureBy doing that, we apply the latest advanced laser technology with low level light passes to stimulate acupoints. Each acupoint below the surface of the skin that permits communication between the body various structures in the brain. Stress is controlled by the level of hormones in your body. By stimulating the acupoints and orphans and other naturally occurring substances in the body, they are released to re-balance the stress hormones. Our experienced and highly trained technicians will direct low-level, non-harmful laser at various points on your arms, feet, legs, or other acupoints if deemed necessary. The stress relief treatments are not painful or uncomfortable. They are perfectly safe, causing no side effects and most patients find it to be a very calming relaxing experience. The treatment takes between 30 – 45 minutes depending upon your case. Ideally you will feel renewed and refreshed after the treatment and try to modify the behavior practices that have been proven to increase rather than diminish your levels of stress. It can help you stop the vicious cycle that stress giving you a chance to find new remedies for the element in your life that are causing it.

Laser Acupuncture is Scientific and Effective

The science of laser acupuncture that underlies the treatment of stress is solid and the results are speaking for themselves. Many patients have expressed strong appreciation for the treatment. If you are finding a way to fight with stress that is holding you back, Imagine Laserworks’ laser acupuncture treatments could give you just the boost you need. Call 1-866-538-2106 for an appointment today!