Imagine Laserworks now serving Northern AB from our centre in Cold Lake AB



You can expect high-quality results and timely service when you visit the Imagine Laserworks Centre in Cold Lake AB.

The Cold Lake AB location will provide assistance for all clients in the surrounding areas that need our help.

The Imagine Laserworks centre in Cold Lake provides the latest state of the art Bio Electro Stimulation Therapy to help with addictions to cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, food (sugar addictions, emotional eating and hormonal imbalances), anxiety, stress, PTSD and more.

It is quick, easy and safe; clients are in and out the door in less than an hour,  with the unbeatable success rates for smoking cessation of 85-94%.

We provide wellness through treatments, therapy, coaching, counseling and highly specialized detoxing supplements.

Imagine Laserworks in Cold Lake AB

5002A – 51 Street

Cold Lake AB

T9M 1P4

Imagine Laserworks in White Rock

Our centres use Bio Electro Stimulation in lieu of needles, on age old auricular and body acupuncture points. The sensation is warm, tingling or pulsating. The application is external at the various, specific energy points. This form of therapy is drug less, painless and highly effective, with immediate results.

After more than twenty years of use, no adverse side effects have ever been associated with this type of therapy.

Imagine Laserworks centres compliment treatments by other health care professionals, and are not meant to replace medical attention.

Included in our list of treatments is the world’s #1 one method to stop smoking.

Imagine Laserworks to stop quit smoking in White Rock

Imagine Laserworks Cold Lake AB

With our Quit Smoking technology, we obtain unbeatable success rates by addressing all three parts of the addiction;

  • Physical – with Laser Acupuncture
  • Psychological – with Cd’s, handouts, coaching, follow up sessions available, and reduced rates if you slip and need to repeat the procedure.
  • Detoxification – with natural vitamins – Vitamin C, Magnesium and Chlorella – Our Detox Bundle has been specifically designed and  priced for our clientele.

With this method we can provide clients with an unbeatable average success rate of 85 – 94%.

Imagine Laserworks…it’s the combination that works!

Here is a list of some of our most popular treatments…

Laser Therapy NOW

Quit Smoking – Stop NOW

Weight Loss – Lose Weight NOW

Stop Drug and Alcohol Addictions NOW

Less Stress Insomnia Anxiety Depression NOW

1,000’s of clients treated up to 94% success rates NOW


Imagine Laserworks to reilieve Stressfor Depression

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