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You can expect high-quality results and timely service when you visit the Imagine Laserworks Centre in Hamilton ON

The Imagine Laserworks centre in Hamilton will provide prompt and precise assistance for all clients in the area that need help to

Quit Smoking with the latest Canadian Technology

Imagine Laserworks –  20 years – 20,000 documented non smokers

Lose Weight – Weight Loss the easy way

Sugar addictions – Hunger cravings – Appetite control – Metabolism stimulation

Individual customized weight loss programs

Stop Drug and Alcohol Dependence and End Addictions

 whatever the dependence or addiction we can help

Reduce Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD, Pain  – complete list

Personal Seasonal Health Tune Ups

Imagine Laserworks to reilieve Stressfor Depression

Imagine Laserworks in Hamilton in less than an hour to quit smoking

The Imagine Laserworks technicians in Hamilton use 21st century electronic acupuncture to help you quit smoking, lose weight, stop drug and alcohol dependence and addictions.

They can also help you eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and more.

It is quick and easy.

At the Imagine Laserworks centre in Hamilton clients are in and out the door in less than an hour.

Imagine Laserworks in White Rock

The latest Canadian technology is used in lieu of needles to stimulate age old auricular acupuncture points on the ears nose, fingers and wrists.

  • The sensation is warm and tingling
  • The stimulation is external on specific energy points
  • It’s drug less, painless and highly effective
  • Immediate results
  • No adverse side effects

Imagine Laserworks centres compliment treatments by other health care professionals, and are not meant to replace medical attention.

Included in our list of treatments is the world’s #1 one method to stop smoking.

With our Quit Smoking technology, we obtain unbeatable success rates by addressing all three parts of the addiction;

  • Physical – with Laser Acupuncture
  • Psychological – with Cd’s, handouts, coaching, follow up sessions available, and reduced rates if you slip and need to repeat the procedure.
  • Detoxification – with natural vitamins – Vitamin C, Magnesium and Chlorella – Our Detox Bundle has been specifically designed and  priced for our clientele.

With this method we can provide clients with an unbeatable average success rate of 85 – 94%.

Imagine Laserworks…it’s the combination that works!




“When I first met Allen I was hesitant to try his product. I had been a smoker for almost 10 years and I tried so many different ways to quit. They ALL failed! I felt like I would not be able to kick the horrible habit. Then I decided in July that I would give it a try and booked an appointment for September 11th, 2013. And I am very proud to say that I am STILL smoke free. Becoming a non smoker has been the best product I ever invested in, it is saving me money and prolonging my life.

Allen THANKS for helping me quit smoking with the laser.”





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Laser Therapy NOW

Quit Smoking – Stop NOW

Weight Loss – Lose Weight NOW

Stop Drug and Alcohol Addictions NOW

Less Stress Insomnia Anxiety Depression NOW

1,000’s of clients treated up to 94% success rates NOW


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