Deaths and serious side effects of smoking cessation pill Chantix has swept across Europe

January 2012 Add New

It is not only in Denmark that the controversial smoking cessation pill Chantix has led to serious and even fatal side effects.Champix has pulled namely headlines in several European countries where patients or relatives have come forward with horror stories of suicide, depression and sudden death.

Medicines Agency EMA reveals indeed that from 2006, when Chantix came on the market and to 24 maj 2011 er blevet indberettet 174.718 tilfælde af bivirkninger i hele Europa May 2011 were 174,718 reported cases of adverse events across Europe

24 deaths in England
For example, received the British Medicines Board until the autumn of 2008, 3541 reportings.  24 of them were deaths where ten was about Chantix patients who had committed suicide.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA ed.) Maintains, despite the many reports that the benefits of Chantix outweigh the risks.

And the announcement leans the Danish Medicines Agency way up in consequence Thirstrup Steffen, director of drug approval.  He explains, however, being kept extra close eye on Champix.

EMA carries out a continuous assessment of Chantix ‘safety, where the Danish reports of serious side effects and deaths are like all other reports from the rest of the world, explains Thirstrup.