Controversial smoking cessation pill, which is suspected of having killed three Danes, under fire in U.S.

January 2012

Champix-pillerne kan give alvorlige psykiske bivirkninger og hjerteproblemer. (Foto: Pfizer)
Chantix-the pills can cause serious psychiatric side effects and heart problems.

It is not only in Denmark that smoking cessation pill Chantix suspected of being behind several serious side effects.

Approximately 2400 Americans so far have brought proceedings against the manufacturer, Pfizer, Champix because they suspect to be causing serious adverse reactions in themselves or their relatives.

Suicide, death and heart problems are among the major causes of the U.S. litigation.It tells David L. Eisbrouch, a partner in the American law firm Balkin & Eisbrouch that handles many of the institution of the proceedings, the Extra Bladet.

– The lawsuits against Chantix is ​​very serious, because the possible side effects are so fatal as death and suicide, he says.

Should be taken of the market

The lawsuits against Pfizer and Chantix is ​​expected to begin in autumn 2012, and David L. Eisbrouch is no doubt what the consequences will be for Champix if you find that the pill is the direct cause of adverse events.

We want all drugs that can lead to serious and fatal side effects taken off the market, says the U.S. attorney.

He would not speculate on the economic impact of the many cases may have on Pfizer.  But the world’s largest pharmaceutical company is no stranger to the payment of larger sums.

In 2009, Pfizer had to pay $ 2.3 billion, equivalent to 13 billion dollars in fines for illegal promotion of the painkiller drug Bextra and three other products.